Mango Pickle Masala (Aam ka Masala)

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  • No added Color
  • No added Preservatives .
  • No Artificial Flavor

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Jioo Organics Mango Pickle Masala (Aam ka Masala)

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5 reviews for Mango Pickle Masala (Aam ka Masala)

  1. Sanjay Patel

    Good product. Mom likes this very much. The achaar masala is really tasty, and we’ve been using this product since a longtime.

  2. Naga Mani Mendu

    Very good and high quality achar masala by Jioo Organics. Keep it up Jioo Organics.

  3. Amy

    Excellent taste n flavour

  4. Shubham Sapra

    Superb packing. 5 stars for packing Also the achar masala quality is very good . Order blindly good compnay and nice testy material !!! Again 5 star for compnay !!

  5. Heena Khanum

    The masala has a fresh aroma and it has all the ingredients.. No need to even add salt. Just mix with whatever veggies u want and voila.. Pickle is ready. Flavor of fennel and asofoetida adds to another level and it’s a notch spicier .

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