Amla Candy Sweet | Dried Amla Candy (No Sugar Layer)

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  • Treat yourself to the sweet and tangy outburst in your mouth
  • Rich Source Of Natural Nutrients. Whether you’re on the field or in the stands, Jioo Organics Mix are a great addition to your diet.
  • Kids can enjoy it as a candy.
  • 100% Natural Dried Sweet Amla Candy
  • No Artificial Flavors, Colors

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Consuming Amla on a daily basis works wonders on our health. This fruit has 20 times more Vitamin C than found in an orange. According to Ayurveda recent studies have indicated that regular consumption of Amla increases longevity. Despite of its taste being sour, the good news is that unlike most other fruits, Amla does not loose its properties when processed, pulped or dried. Nutrient contents of processed Amla do not drop its chemical properties even when heated on fire. The benefits attached to Amla are endless as it strengthens all over the immunity system.*24×7 service available

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5 reviews for Amla Candy Sweet | Dried Amla Candy (No Sugar Layer)

  1. Amrita Dey

    I liked this product “Amla candy”. Good flavour. I mainly bought for my children to develop their immunity. Great value for money. It is in a jar thus maintaining its freshness.

  2. Ankush

    really liked the product. Contains optimum amount of sugar and crunchiness for an amla candy. The amla smells really good too. I use it as a mouthfreshner and eat it just after every meal. Full points for value for money.

  3. Udani

    The idea of making amla into candy was excellent# we can get vitamin c from this candy instead of taking tablets # it tastes very good # feel like having amla only # product is of high quality and hygiene with great taste

  4. Jaya

    I like freshness and i am not disappointed from this product ,best one to have

  5. Pragya Creation

    Good flavor, nice packaging and good price

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