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  • Popcorn is a variety of corn kernel, which expands and puffs up when heated
  • It has lots of vitamin B
  • It is Gluten free
  • Jioo Organics Pop Corn Kernels
  • Goodness of corn & Rich in antioxidants

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Popcorn, or pop-corn, is a variety of corn kernel, which expands and puffs up when heated. A popcorn kernel’s strong hull contains the seed’s hard, starchy endosperm with 14-20 %moisture, which turns to steam as the kernel is heated.

Popcorn can be cooked with butter or oil. Although small quantities can be popped in a stove-top kettle or pot in a home kitchen.

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5 reviews for Pop Corn Kernel Seeds | Popcorn Kernels

  1. Rifat Ara

    Excellent product all the kernels is popping good try with desire . Suggest to buy with jioo Organics popcorn Seasoning.

  2. Sanjay K

    This popcorn is delicious and popped into large tender pieces!

  3. Shashi kumar

    Pop Corn Seeds is good

  4. Hemant

    It is Best popcorn i have tired so far. The popcorn is very soft ans tasty and i have also tried desire popcorn Seasoning its wonderful

  5. Rekha

    I loved the product.. I wanted to try something healthier. I read that popcorns that come ready to pop with flavouring use chemical butter .. though i already knew it at some level, reading research papers about the same was a rude awakening. So i decided to get just the corns and add my own spices and butter. Got this after reading all the reviews here but was skeptical even after buying it… And I popped it today.. it was amazing… The flavour was good.. all kernels popped… Good crunch. Plus, I had fun making my own flavoured… Will definitely buy again.. Go for it without a second thought

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