Pooja Cotton Janeu Thread -for Pooja


  • It Is Used In Each And Every Puja
  • Wearing Janeu is popular predominantly among the Brahmins.
  • The Upanayana ceremony also can be translated as the event that gives the boy an additional sight namely the inner vision with the initiation of Gayatri Mantra
  • Janeu is made of three stands of cotton thread known as vritas.
  • Every thread has three cords twining it and a knot. Janeu is associated with a lofty kind of symbolism that enjoins the boy to live an ideal life.

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jioo organic pooja Janeu -For Pooja:

Janeu is worn on the left shoulder which means shouldering the burdens of life with tolerance.

  • It runs over the heart indicating a life of faith and determination
  • It touches the back which is the symbol of commitment.
  • Thus, symbolically janeu enjoins a man to a life of commitment, courage, determination, faith, patience and tolerance.

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