Hanuman Ji Sindoor and Chameli Oil for Religious Ceremony | 100ml Jasmine Oil

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  • 1 Set Contain : Hanuman Sindoor 100 Grams, Chameli Oil 100 Ml
  • To please Hanuman ji and get his complete protection, one should smear the body of hanumanji with the orange sindoor mixed with chameli/ jasmine oil
  • This orange Hanuman sindoor is the unadulterated lab approved sindur
  • The chameli tel is the oil extracted from the jasmine flowers, which mixes very easily with the hanuman sindoor
  • This Hanuman ji sindoor is used to apply chola to lord Hanuman ji.
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Product description

Hanuman Sindoor is a traditional orange colored powder, usually offered to Lord Hanuman idols. Lord Hanuman is the symbol of PRAANAA so that prana shakti is symbolized in the red or (sindoor color). Hanuman is a symbol of Power and faithfulness has been shown with the application of Sindoor on his body. In the Hath yoga branch, Sindoor/Mercury is used in Al chemistry to make ‘Gold’. This is a very secret process and maybe very few in this world know. As per Ramayana, Mata Sita was applying Sindoor, when Hanumanji came and asked Her why She was doing it. She explained that it was for the longevity of Sri Ram- the more, she applies, the longer He will live. Upon hearing this, Hanumanji went and covered himself in sindoor, and this is the reason why His idols are often covered in sindoor.

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5 reviews for Hanuman Ji Sindoor and Chameli Oil for Religious Ceremony | 100ml Jasmine Oil

  1. Ritika

    The quality of the oil is very very good. Very satisfied with the product.

  2. Chals

    Good product. I think it’s pure as per the fragrance.

  3. Bhuvana Kumar

    it’s actually very pleasant and good…. the fragrance is wonderful and it served its purpose…. I am really happy ….it didn’t give smoke and all …. this is the first time I am using this it’s seems to be pure and good ….

  4. Subramani Subbu

    Brand was nice I was satisfied thank you Jioo Organics

  5. Archna

    Really amazing and soothing fragrance awesome price

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