Shani Chaya Daan Patra | Shani Dev Pooja


  • This patra is good for shani pooja
  • this patra is very good for shani dev worship

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Sun god and Indian astrology and religion scripture shadow son of Saturn Thorn is addressed saying.

  • How to perform “chaya daan” Take a little mustard oil in a very bowler steel plate.
  • Place it under your current cot/bed towards headside.
  • In the early morning while you wake up before under-going your morning chores evaluate your reflection in this oil and gift it either with a beggar or at every shani temple.
  • This is known as chaya daan.
  • The devine chaya daan not simply benefits the individuals considering sade sati, shani dhaiya, period of retrograde saturn women and men auspicious chaya daan additionally bestows blessings of lord shani dev towards the devotees who perform the said puja.
  • Hence, chaya daan should be performed by everyone with pure serenity and devotion towards lord shani.

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