Kesar Saffron Men Women Health Benefits Natural Pure keshar for Pregnant Women Skincare Food Pooja

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  • ✔️ Saffron Weight : 1 gram I Best Before: 24 Months I 100% Pure Natural Untouched
  • ✔️ FOOD INGREDIENT – Saffron (Kesar) is one of the most expensive spices in the world, it’s worth the investment for the incredible notes it imparts in sweet and savoury saffron recipes like 1. Excellent Taste Colour Aroma in Mithai For Example – Kheer / Ras-Malai / Kesar-Pista-Badam Milk etc. 2. For Aroma in Biryani 3. For Saffron Tea or Saffron Milk
  • ✔️ HEALTH BENEFITS – 1. Increases Immunity & Strength 2. Promotes learning and memory retention 3. Fights against Depression and Anxiety 4. Weight Loss and Diet Control
  • ✔️ SKIN BENEFITS – 1. Acts as a Natural Anti-Oxidant 2. Improves Face Texture 3. Treatment of Acne and Blemishes 4. For Radiant and Glowing Skin 5. For Skin Lightening
  • ✔️ DIRECTIONS FOR USE – We Suggest you to Soak the Crushed Saffron in 20 ml of hot water, milk or wine for at least 30 minutes; The saffron threads will transmit their taste, aroma, and colour to this solution, which can then be used to add the desired flavor in your saffron based dishes. One can also leave this mixture for the whole night to create a potent infusion Saffron threads can also be crushed into a fine powder which can be used to prepare paella, bouillabaisse, risotto etc

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Saffron is an Exotic Spice known for its versatile usage. This Golden Spice is found from the Crocus Flower. Specifically, Saffron is plucked three red stigmas inside the flower. It is native to Southwest Asia, but was first cultivated in Greece and later cherished in Iran, Middle-East, Spain and Rest of Europe.

Kashmiri saffron has the most intense color and aroma, especially when compared to the milder Spanish saffron. The crimson stigmas are hand-picked, collected and dried for distribution. Its deep red threads yield a gorgeous and rich yellow color when soaked in hot water, making it a wonderful natural dye. Just like diamonds, saffron’s quality is graded and there’s even a number scale. For the best quality of saffron, choose saffron threads (not powder) that are Deep red..

The saffron flower is composed of 6 purple petals, 3 golden-yellow stamens, and one red pistil. It is this famous pistil made up of 3 stigmas (filaments) which when dried up gives the spice Saffron.

5 reviews for Kesar Saffron Men Women Health Benefits Natural Pure keshar for Pregnant Women Skincare Food Pooja

  1. San

    For my daughter….carrying 7 th month

  2. Shilpa Gupta

    Best quality and worth the price definitely gonna repurchase it😍

  3. Neena Gaba

    Awesome packing, real taste. Thanks Jioo Organics

  4. Jaya

    Material is very good…..can be used for making of various dishes….overall happy

  5. Avni

    You realise it is pure as soon as you open the packet, you get amazing fragrance. Very happy with my purchase.

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