Black Peppercorn Kali Mirch Whole


  • Cape Fresh black Pepper is known for its smell and flavor
  • Cape Fresh black Pepper is naturally grown, handpicked, sun dried, cleaned and packed
  • Cape Fresh black Pepper is 100% real, Farm Fresh, without any preservatives and artificial colours
  • Cape Fresh black Pepper is collected from the hills of Cape Comorin district

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Black Peppercorn which is (Kurumulaku in Malayalam – Kali Mirch in Hindi – Marich in Sanskrit) is cultivated for its fruit. The “king of spices” is widely used in cuisines globally. It’s indigenous to the rain forests of Kerala and also known as “black gold”. Black pepper is actually a flowering vine. In Kerala, it’s still dried in direct sunlight. The fruit in the dried stage is known as peppercorn and that’s used as a spice, medicine and seasoning. After drying it’s consumed in the raw form. Pepper is an inevitable ingredient for several culinary delights. Besides hot taste and aroma, it’s added to dishes to correct the seasoning. Pepper is a good preservative which is used in baking, pickling, canning and for preserving meat. The world today consumes as much black pepper as all other spices combined. It’s used in one way or other in most cuisines and it’s used to prepare just about every kind of dish, including desserts! Black pepper is one of the most versatile spices used in virtually in all kinds of savoury cooking. In order to keep their fragrance and flavour intact, they are generally ground just before preparing dishes and added at the last minutes in the recipes. Since ground pepper only stays fresh for about three months, but peppercorns will last indefinitely. They are used to marinate chicken, fish, and meat. Can be used in the preparation of soups, barbecue sauces, pickling and as a main ingredient in a variety of curry powders (Indian garam masala powder). Spicy Carte supplies cleaned and sorted Black Pepper corns from selected Farmers of Wayanad and Idukki Districts, Kerala to ensure the highest quality provided to you at your doorstep. They are best stored in tiny spice glass or steel air tight containers in a cool, dry place where they can keep for months. Fresh Spices are of potent in flavour, so make sure you use it sparingly for longer life and quality

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