Hanuman Ji Jhanda | Bajrangbali Flag | Satin

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  • Size : Small/Full Size/50x72x96 Inch
  • Wind, weather and fade-resistant, this printed flag is perfect for social and religious gatherings
  • Hanuman flag to install in prayer altar and deity temples. Prayer flags are pieces of cloth stamped either in a pattern of red color horizontally on a long string, or two single narrow vertical flag on a pole. It has Lord Hanuman photo printed on it.
  • Hanumanjee Jhanda fabulously designed required in religious celebration.
  • Lovely religious spritual purpose

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Hanuman is Chiranjeevi – one who lives forever. Thus even as various eras passed by Hanuman were ever-present. He was also told that Lord Sriram would reappear as Lord Krishna at a future time. Thus Hanuman appears in the Mahabharata at two junctures – once to quell the pride of Bheema and the second time to see Lord Krishna.

Hanumanji’s flag signifies sense control and mind control that gives victory to the higher nature over the lower nature.

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Dimensions 15 × 10 × 3 cm

4 reviews for Hanuman Ji Jhanda | Bajrangbali Flag | Satin

  1. Dipankar

    An awesome Hanuman ji Dhwaj

  2. Ashutosh

    The color of dhwaj is awesome as well as the quality is good.

  3. Hritik Verma

    Hanuman ji Dhawaj is good and it varies in different size.

  4. Shweta Tripathi

    Due to variation I can purchase the Dhawaj of different size. The quatity is awesome.

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