Phlox Beauty Mix Flower Hybrid Seeds For Mini Pots Home Garden Plant


  • F1 hybrid quality seed germination rate minimum 80% to 90%, seed purity 97%, Physical purity 97%.
  • Seeds contain approx 60 To 90 In one pack.
  • you get the flowers under 30 days
  • you get the best result for read our product description.

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We are providing 100% organic f1 hybrid quality seeds That is germinate very easily You can grow the seed by two type’s technique 1. Pro-tray system 2. Direct potting system In the both of these methods, the process of seed production will remain the same. You have to do it in the evening 1.First you need to prepare the soil by mixing 90%soil+10% organic manure. 2.After the soil is ready. Make 1-inch deep crater in the soil, Put the soil layer equal to the seed above the seeded seed. 3. After the planting the seeds in the soil, sprinkle light water on it. 4. you have to lighten the water after every 2 to 3 days in the evening In this way, the seed will grow easily. If you want to improve soil quality and the plant health , Then you almost every 15 to 20 days, once a time add 1-2 spoons organic manure to the soil.

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