Jioo Organics Hybrid Green Chilli Seeds

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  • Jioo Organics vegetable seeds – hybrid green chilli – hybrid and high yield variety for growing – 100 seeds
  • Material: Other
  • Easy to grow – can be grown in Indian climate, weather conditions, do not use for food, feed or oil purposes, seeds are only for agriculture and plantation purpose
  • Best suitable for home garden, terrace gardening, grow bag cultivation, kitchen gardening, terrace poly house gardening and roof top balcony gardening
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Chili plants make great gifts for the cook or grow your own enthusiast. The more compact varieties will thrive in a cool conservatory, sheltered patio, or even a sunny window sill and the more you crop them the more they produce. he chili pepper (also chile pepper or chili pepper, from Nahuatl chili) is the fruit of plants from the genus Capsicum, members of the nightshade family, Solanaceae. The term in British English and in Australia, New Zealand, India, Malaysia, and other Asian countries is just chili without “pepper”. Plant into small pots or preferably into Jiffy coir (coconut husk) pellets. If you are using Jiffy pellets, soak them until they have swollen to size and put two seeds into each one, just below the surface. If you are planting into pots, fill one pot per seed type to about 2 cm below the rim, firm down the compost and soak thoroughly. be aware that chili seedlings quickly exhaust the nutrients in the coir. Place the seeds with a good space between them so that you do not harm the roots when you come to potting on and cover them with a fine layer of sieved compost and coir mix. Use separate pots or trays for each variety and donâ??t forget to label them or you will spend several frustrating months not knowing which plant is which.

5 reviews for Jioo Organics Hybrid Green Chilli Seeds

  1. Paru

    It’s a good buy and totally satisfied with the purchase.

  2. Dipika

    Seeds are really good . It is worth the buy

  3. Satyajit s

    Jermination is 100%. thanks for Jioo Organics

  4. Pradeep

    Good Quality Seeds, coz it takes 7days to germinate my plant from seeds

  5. Subir Ghos

    Seeds germinated properly. will have to wait for seeing the production.

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