Mineral Brown Sugar

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  • This Is A Vegetarian Product.
  • Jioo Organics Mineral Sugar (227Grams) Pure And Natural Shelf Life:12 Months Storge:Store In Cool Dry Place Away From Direct Sunlight.
  • Made with cane sugar, swizzle sticks are the perfect pairing to your favourite teas by adding a sweet touch without changing the flavor.
  • Comes in a re-usable stand up zipper pouch for convenient storage.

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Sugar Facts: Sugar works wonders in healing scratches and cuts. Use Sugar to extend lipstick: Sprinkle a bit of sugar atop freshly applied lipstick, let it sit, and then lick it off.

  • This works to set the lipstick and will extend the application. For extra mucky hands (think paint, grease, grime) add sugar to your soap lather to act as an abrasive.
  • You can also use equal parts sugar and olive oil, which acts to soothe and moisturize over-worked hands.

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5 reviews for Mineral Brown Sugar

  1. Madhu

    Very good quality n taste..

  2. Dinesh B.

    I have been using this for baking, coffee, desserts and everything. It is so versatile and amazing. Good product.

  3. Ram T

    I have used it before also, it’s a very good quality brown sugar, good taste and flavor

  4. Prince

    It is really flavorful and tasty ; the granules are big adding a crunch 😀

  5. Manik

    White sugar is white poison. Use brown sugar or jaggery.. Think about organic, think Jioo Organics

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