Jioo Organics Maize Flour or Makki Ka Atta Pack of 2 (Each 250) | 500 Grams

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  • Corn Flour / Maize atta can be used for making bread, Bread sticks, tarts, cookies, etc.
  • Maize also known as corn (makka)
  • 100% pure and natural herbs in powder form
  • Maize may contain a number of important B vitamins, folic acid, Vitamin C, and provitamin A (i.e., precursor to vitamin A)
  • Maize is also rich in phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, zinc, copper, iron and selenium, and has small amounts of potassium and calcium.
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Maize atta or Maize flour or Corn flour is made using organic corn kernels to give maximum flour to cooking. Maize atta / Corn flour used for making bread, Breadsticks, tarts, cookies, etc.and is a good substitute for wheat flour in your daily cooking. It adds texture to dishes, adding the flavor of corn.

Maize atta or Corn Flour is a good gluten-free alternative and is famous for Makka ki roti that substitutes wheat base Tawa roti or Phulka.

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Dimensions 30 × 20 × 5 cm

5 reviews for Jioo Organics Maize Flour or Makki Ka Atta Pack of 2 (Each 250) | 500 Grams

  1. Ravindra

    Taste good, quality also good for the price

  2. Mansoor

    Good quality stuff with excellent packaging. I am very happy with the product

  3. Anupam

    Makka atta is so fresh in flavour and flour quality is worth sticking to the Brand Jioo Organics. Very good in taste and value for money👍👌.

  4. Dev

    I received fresh atta with good taste. Easy to make rotis. Soft and tasty rotis.

  5. Yashswi

    It’s good in taste and it’s value for money, so can go with it. I love this product with my family.

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