Jioo Organics Maize Flour or Makki Ka Atta Pack of 2 (Each 250) | 500 Grams


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  • Corn Flour / Maize atta can be used for making bread, Bread sticks, tarts, cookies, etc.
  • Maize also known as corn (makka)
  • 100% pure and natural herbs in powder form
  • Maize may contain a number of important B vitamins, folic acid, Vitamin C, and provitamin A (i.e., precursor to vitamin A)
  • Maize is also rich in phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, zinc, copper, iron and selenium, and has small amounts of potassium and calcium.
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Maize atta or Maize flour or Corn flour is made using organic corn kernels to give maximum flour to cooking. Maize atta / Corn flour used for making bread, Breadsticks, tarts, cookies, etc.and is a good substitute for wheat flour in your daily cooking. It adds texture to dishes, adding the flavor of corn.

Maize atta or Corn Flour is a good gluten-free alternative and is famous for Makka ki roti that substitutes wheat base Tawa roti or Phulka.

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