Jioo Organic Camphor for Pooja (White)

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  • It Is Used In Each And Every Puja By Burning Natural Camphor All The Evils Ward Off
  • There Is No Residue Left On Burning Pure Camphor..
  • Best kapoor for all pooja rituals
  • According to traditional beliefs, by the use of camphor in worship, gods and goddesses gets happy and agree the worship even.
  • Camphor even makes your surroundings perfumed and filled with energy.
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Product description

Jioo Organic Pooja Kapoor/Camphor for Pooja

Used in weddings havan used in hindu marriages,religious item hindu puja item,wonderful fragrance pure and original,spiritual healing india religious camphor,diwali pooja puja used in hindu marriages,skin care dry skin cure,used in navratras navratri used in meditation Natural and Original Saraswati Camphor.

  • Made in India Burning of camphor denotes that the individual ego melts like the camphor and the Jivatman becomes one with the supreme Light of lights.
  • 100% Natural and Original MOST SUITABLE /IDEAL FOR MARRIAGES,PUJA’S/Pooja ,HAWAN and other hindu rituals

5 reviews for Jioo Organic Camphor for Pooja (White)

  1. Jaya

    Worth buying. Very good quality and 100% pure. Never came across such good quality kapoor. Use it to know it.

  2. AC Gopa Kumar

    Fine quality product. This is my third purchase.

  3. Sandhya

    i am satisfied.Excellent for daily puja.Will buy always.

  4. Rajesh P.V.

    For long i have been in search for a fantastic camphor and here I am with one of the best solutions. Happy to see the longest time this holds during my Pooja.

  5. Amit Agrawal

    Original. Best product

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