Fitkari Alum Powder Water Purification For Skin After Shave Canker Sores After Shave PureFitkari Teeth Cracks In Heels

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  • Alum as a deodarant Alum fitkari is commercially used for the production of crystals deodarants which may reduce body odour and excessive sweating this is because of the antibacterial activity of alum
  • Alum may use as a mouth freshener wash in a lousy oral breath Take one glass of water, add 1 gm of Alum with a pinch of rock salt and gargle mouth using this solution
  • Alum for skin Alum is a useful component that may use in skin tightening and whitening Alum may help to remove dead tissue and excessive oil on the skin
  • Alum is used in the preparation of topical formulations like gel or creams forms. These types of topical formulations may be effective in treating acne scars and pigmentation marks
  • Alum has excellent antiseptic properties, and it kills dental bacteria, strengthens gums. Alum helps to treat dental problems like tooth decay, toothache, sore gums, cavities

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Alum, or Phitkari फिटकरी , is an acceptable white-coloured salt-like substance.. Alum (aluminium sulfate) is a nontoxic liquid mainly used in water purification treatment to clarify drinking water crystalline in nature. Ayurveda is known as ‘shubhra’/sphatika that has been used for various health benefits over the years. Alum is water-soluble and insoluble in alcohol. When Alum is heated in a pan, the collected white powder is called Sphatika bhasma (alum ash) in Ayurveda alum. It is mainly used in bhasma form at the ending after evaporation to cure various illnesses.Alum, which is also known as fitkari or phitkari, has amazing skin benefits that may help to fade acne scars and dark spots. It may reduce blemishes, improve texture, and evens out fine lines

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5 reviews for Fitkari Alum Powder Water Purification For Skin After Shave Canker Sores After Shave PureFitkari Teeth Cracks In Heels

  1. Sapna

    i am happy with the product and i will again purchase it.

  2. Aditya M.

    Very good n pure quality. Satisfaction guaranteed. Value for money. Happy with my purchase.

  3. Mila

    Packing looks good. I will share review once I will start to use it.

  4. Mohammad Amir

    Great quality alum powder. A few tea spoons can clean 30 liters of iron filled tap water pretty easily overnight.

  5. Kirti

    Using this alum powder diluted in water as mouth wash. It has improved teeth strength and overall health of gums. Excellant product.

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