Acacia Gum Gond Batan Ladoo Gond Panjiri Gond Dink Gound)


  • WORKS AS A STABILIZER: JIOO Organics Acacia Gum is used in the food industry as a stabilizer, emulsifier, and thickening agent in icing, fillings, soft candy, chewing gum, and other confectionery and to bind the sweeteners and flavorings in soft drinks.
  • MULTIPLE PURPOSES: JIOO Organics Acacia Gum is used for making gondh ke laddoo, panjiri, chikkis, punjabi pinni etc.
  • NO FLAVORS OR CHEMICALS: We at JIOO Organics never compromise with quality, you can be assured that you are buying the best. JIOO Organics Acacia Gum does not contain any flavors or chemicals.
  • PACKED IN TRANSPARENT COVER: We maintain quality and we love to showcase it, this is the reason why we have packed JIOO Organics Acacia Gum in a transparent cover so that you can easily see what you are buying.
  • STORAGE: Store in a cool and dry place, avoid using a wet spoon to handle this product.

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Acacia Gum

Product description

Gondh or edible gum is widely used in dishing out nutritionally loaded preparations; one of its most popular uses in India is while preparing nourishing laddoos in Punjabi punjiri.

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