Whole Dried Baheda (Terminalia Bellirica)

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  • Baheda is a very important herb that we should get to know,
  • It can Help in Weight Loss Baheda fruit can be a best option for the Persons seeking for weight loss. Ayurvedic principles say that the herbs which have an astringent taste tend to shrink fat tissues. The fruit Baheda has astringent taste (Kashaya rasa) and is light to digest (Laghu) and causes dryness of tissues (Rooksha). Besides this, it is hot potency (Ushna Veerya) in nature. So that person seeking for losing belly fat or weight loss can shrink the fat tissues using this herb.
  • It can Removes Acne and Ulcers Using Baheda for your acne and scars can also be a great solution as well. Baheda Fruit has many medicinal benefits and antibacterial properties, which can make the scars, vanish away. The Vitamin C and minerals such as potassium, selenium, iron, copper and manganese helps to smooths the skin and helps to reduce inflammation. Besides this, it contains powerful antioxidants that are very helpful for maintaining the health and appearance to the skin.
  • It can Prevents Hair Loss Baheda or so-called Bibhitaki is one of the wonderful herbs that can be used for various hair problems. Besides keeping hair healthy it is also helpful in solving various hair problems such as treating lice, controlling hair loss, treating dandruff problems. It is a wonderful herb that can help in dealing with grey hair (white hair) the people using hair colors frequently suffer from serious damage.
  • It can is Helpful in Constipation Baheda is one of the important plants of Ayurveda that has been traditionally used to relieve constipation. It has a natural laxative property and holds in dietary fibers, a digestive agent who fights with constipation. Consuming Baheda churna can have soothing and lubricating effect on the gastro enteric tract.

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Botanical Name: Terminalia bellirica, Baheda Whole, Bibhitaka, Vibhitaki Assamese: Bhomora, Bhomra, Bhaira Bengali: Bayada, Baheda English: Beleric Myrobalan Gujrati: Bahedan Hindi: Bahera Kannada: Tare kai, Shanti Kayi Kashmiri: Babelo, Balali Malayalam: Tannikka Marathi: Baheda Oriya: Baheda Punjabi: Bahera Tamil: Thanrikkai Telugu: Thanikkaya Urdu: Bahera

We at Jioo Organics delivers you all Natural and Quality products. Terminalia bellirica, known as “Bahera” or Beleric or bastard myrobalan, is a large deciduous tree common on plains and lower hills in Southeast Asia, We provide all the real images of products so that you get the original product as you have seen in the photo. We provide good packaging so that your desired item can reach you safely. We are the best sellers in our product segment.

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5 reviews for Whole Dried Baheda (Terminalia Bellirica)

  1. Suvra Shankar Chakraborti

    Very good quality Baheda without seeds that I use to make Triphala

  2. R.Raghu

    It is one of the most good product I have recently purchased as i used it to make triphla . Must buy product if you want to make some herb for yourself .

  3. Dipankar

    The quality and purity were above the expected standard. Amazing service at needy time. Thanks Jioo Organics team . Keep it up.

  4. Ashok Kumar yadav

    Excellent, I powdered it in mixer and using it.

  5. Pranab Kumar Dutta

    Good product. Satisfactory. Good Jioo Organics.

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