Menthol Crystals | Pure & Fresh Peppermint | [Plant-Based, Cooling & Refreshing]


  • 🥰 Menthol crystals release a powerful vapour when added to hot water.
  • 🥰 Alternatively they can be added to the water in your oil burner to give the whole room a clear and fresh aroma.
  • 🥰 Processing and Packaging is utmost importance, which fulfills all hygiene parameters and our products are tightly sealed packed.
  • 🥰 Make homemade candies and flavor them with menthol crystals to get a cooling effect.

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Menthol Crystals are made of peppermint oil through steam distillation process Used as refreshing elements, to fight with bad breath, and odor of mouth, used as cosmetics, generate a cooling effect when applied on the skin*24×7 service available

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