Khubkala Seeds Hegde Mustard Khoobkala Sisymbrium Irio Khakchi

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  • Beneficial in increasing appetite: Many people are troubled by the problem of loss of appetite For this they use different types of tonics consume If you want, you can increase your appetite with plenty of art Appetite-stimulating properties are found in Khubkala
  • May Gives strength to the stomach: The seeds of Khubkala also give strength to the stomach. The body gets strength by taking Bhi of Khubkala with milk. Along with this, physical weakness is also removed
  • Remove weakness Khubkala : Khubkala is rich in nutrients. With its regular consumption, you can overcome your physical weakness. If your weight is less than normal, then you can consume Khubkala with dry grapes or milk
  • Beneficial in the physical development of children: Khubkala is also used to overcome diseases like malnutrition. If your child is weak, his physical development is not happening then you can give him plenty on the advice of the doctor. Giving Khubkala powder with milk to children accelerates their physical development
  • Helpful: Taking Khubkala and dry grapes together also gives relief. For this, a lot of dry grapes Plant the seeds, roast them on the griddle. You will get a lot of benefits from its consumption

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Khubkala is an Ayurvedic medicine which has a special contribution in getting relief from various diseases. It looks like mustard It is similar to a seed, but is much finer than a mustard seed in size. Khubkala is known by many names It is like- Khaksi, Khakseer, Wild Mustard, Banarasi Rai etc. It also has an English name, London Rocket like mustard These visible seeds have some pungency in taste. Their taste is hot. Khubkala or Khakasi has played an important role in the field of Ayurveda

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5 reviews for Khubkala Seeds Hegde Mustard Khoobkala Sisymbrium Irio Khakchi

  1. Rudraksh

    This product is owsom… decently cleaned and real taste..

  2. Pooja Alla

    Good product .Good quality. I have used this along with MUNAKKA( dried grapes ) to combat typhoid. great releief is experienced.

  3. Narayanan K

    It is effective in treating my cough. Happy with quality of this product. Treats even the toughest of cough. I tried it and it made a big difference.

  4. Anshul juwar

    Let me be straight , i ordered this product for Typhoid cure ayurvedic medicine and thanks they saved the day.

  5. Nishant

    Good quality n value for money. It was very effective. Will order again. It was recommended to me by someone but I m happy after purchase.

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