JIOO Organics Yellow Mustard Seeds | Peeli Sarson | Pack of 1 | 100 Grams


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  • RICH IN DIETARY FIBERS: JIOO Organics Yellow Mustard Seeds are a great source of dietary fibers that may help in improving digestion.
  • PACKED IN TRANSPARENT COVER: We maintain quality and we love to showcase it, this is the reason why we have packed this product in a transparent cover so that you can easily see what you are buying.
  • NO PRESERVATIVES OR CHEMICALS: Your health matters and we ensure to provide the finest quality products, no preservatives or chemicals, only the best you can get!
  • NO COMPROMISE WITH QUALITY: Quality is something that we never compromise with, JIOO Organics yellow mustard seeds are the finest quality product you can get.
  • EASY TO STORE: It comes in a re-usable stand-up zipper pouch for convenient storage.


Product description

Mustard Seed Benefits In Boosting The Metabolism And Stimulating Blood Circulation. It Is Considered Good For Heart. It Is Rich In Vitamins, Minerals, Antioxidants And Phytonutrients. It Works As An Appetizer .It Is Used In Various Indian Cusines To Enhance Flavors.

  •  Our products are subjected to rigorous quality control procedures throughout the procurement and packaging processes.
  • It is our constant endeavor to provide widest possible range to consumer and now have an ever expanding range of selections across dry fruits, spices and nuts.
  • We maintain great taste and guaranteed quality throughout the year and our products are sure to be your new favorites after your first purchase. 

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