Jioo Organics Whole Ground Flax Seed Flour/Powder or Alsi ka Atta, 250 Grams

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  • The Flax Seeds Flour is High in fibre, antioxidants, omega fats and loaded with protein low carbs.Raw, Rich in Omega-3
  • Flax Seed Powder is a combination of fibre and protein helps keep you satisfied all day long by curbing hunger and cravings
  • You can slightly roast the flaxseed or have them directly. It also is a great garnish to your favourite salads .All natural pledge no trans fats, no oils, no chemicals and nothing artificial ever
  • With so much fiber packed in each tiny seed, adding flax seeds to your diet promotes regular bowel movements and can improve your digestive health
  • Flaxseed powder are known for managing and leading healthy weight loss
  • Flaxseed atta has high amounts of healthy fats and fiber
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Jioo Organics Whole Ground Flax Seed Flour/Powder or Alsi ka Atta, 250 Grams

Flax Seeds Flour, sometimes called linseeds, are small, brown, tan or golden-colored seeds. They are a great source of dietary fiber; minerals like manganese, thiamine and magnesium; and plant-based protein.

Flax Seed Flour is one of the richest sources of plant-based omega-3 fatty acids, called alpha-linolenic acid (or ALA), in the world.

Another unique fact about flaxseeds is that they are the No. 1 source of lignans in the human diets; flaxseeds contain about seven times as many lignans.

Flaxseeds flour are premium quality organic seeds that have been carefully selected for their nutritive content.

Flax seeds are one of the most popular and versatile super seeds.

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5 reviews for Jioo Organics Whole Ground Flax Seed Flour/Powder or Alsi ka Atta, 250 Grams

  1. Latha

    A very good quality product. I take it everyday in the morning and so far so now I am happy with my purchase.

  2. Amrita

    I like it. I consume 2 spoons of flax seeds powder every day.

  3. Arun Laha

    Tastes better than the normal flax seed whole ground floor. Good for health

  4. Kanika

    Add with chapati dough for more crispy and tasty healthy food

  5. Amit Singh

    This is an awesome product. I tried this powder for the first time but now I will always use this.

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