Jioo Organics Edible Carrot Seeds Gajar K Beej Vegetable Seed For Eating Skin Health Immunity Benefits Pack of 1 (100 Gram)

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  • Very Good For The Skin : Carrot seed , with its antibacterial and antiseptic properties may end up being really good for the skin , it may help in treating acne but also for cleansing the skin and leaving it well hydrated
  • Stimulates The digestive system : There are several things that make the carrot seeds good for the digestion , but it is also a good carminative which is why it helps to dry out the stomach when suffering from gas
  • Helps Regulate Menstrual Cycle : this can be used as great antioxidant and it may help regulate menstrual cycle , irregular periods it detoxifies the body and restores an overall health
  • Indicated for Colds : Carrot seed is commonly used to fight colds , flu like conditions and other similar circumstances . carrot seed has abilities to fight bacteria and viruses , helping the immune system to be stronger
  • Natural Product : J organic products are are pure as All ayurvedic naturals non factory non toxic and non additive products
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Jioo Organics carrot seeds gajar k beej are rich in medicinal properties It contain vitamin e and protective vitamin c. It is also helpful for provide nourishment of hair it Comes in a re-usable stand up zipper pouch for convenient storage carrot seed may help retain youth and look younger , these antioxidant protect the skin against wrinkles Benefits: keep good hair strengthen joint and muscles carrot seed has the ability to detoxify blood tissues muscles and internal organs such as the liver and kidneys it may help heal liver infections in cases of jaundice it eliminates toxins such as uric acid from the blood , tissues , muscles and joints . it may help eliminate worms from the intestines it can help children get rid of this annoying problem . It regulates the flow of digestive system it has an ability to deal with stress may help to treat people suffering from stress and anxiety carrot seeds may relieves muscle pain , cures anorexia may improves eyesight .

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5 reviews for Jioo Organics Edible Carrot Seeds Gajar K Beej Vegetable Seed For Eating Skin Health Immunity Benefits Pack of 1 (100 Gram)

  1. Munira

    Carrot seeds is very clesan and fresh

  2. Neha Mourya

    awesom product qualioty is veri good

  3. Radhika

    I have tried couple of pink salts but this one different and good quality in compared to all loved the taste and the packaging

  4. Moonin Sunlight

    nice product quality and go for it thanks jioo Organics

  5. Dr. Amreen

    It like this product

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