Indigo Powder For Hair Natural Black Dye | Anti-Dandruff & Hair Growth

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  • If you are looking for a natural alternative for chemical hair dyes, then indigo powder is a great choice. Indigo leaf is an amazing for white hair. Regular use of hair oil made with indigo leaves will be very helpful for the hair.
  • Indigo leaves Powder is amazing for hair growth. It prevents scalp infections and stimulates new hair growth when used regularly.
  • Indigo Powder can be applied in one step or two step process to get different tones such as Black, Brown, dark brown etc. It gives natural and attractive color to hair without any chemicals. Indigo dispels heat and have a soothing effect and revitalizes the hair.
  • Hair colourant: Indigo gives natural black colour to the hair and effectively covers gray hairs
  • The hair pack made with indigo leaves is also a very good remedy for dandruff. It reduces dandruff greatly and if used from young age, it will greatly prevent dandruff.

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What Is Indigo?

Indigo is a natural dye that is obtained from the plant Indigofera tinctoria. It’s rich, dark blue in color and is mainly used for dyeing clothes, especially denim. In fact, it is known to be one of the oldest dyes to be used for textile dyeing and printing. However, it is now also being used in combination with henna as a natural hair dye. Interestingly, indigo offers some great benefits for your hair when used appropriately. So, let’s take a look, shall we?

  • It is an all-natural hair dye that does not harm your hair in any way.
  • When mixed with henna, it gives your hair a rich brown color.
  • When applied over henna treated hair, it gives a lush black color.
  • Regular use of indigo on hair can treat and prevent premature graying.
  • Indigo hair oil stimulates new hair growth and prevents scalp infections.
  • Indigo hair oil also treats dandruff and conditions your hair.

How To Use Henna And Indigo To Color Your Hair Black?

Step 1: Applying Henna

  1. In the mixing bowl, combine the henna powder and lemon juice.
  2. Slowly start adding water and stirring this mixture until you have a thick pudding-like paste.
  3. Cover the bowl with a plastic wrap and leave it on overnight for the dye in the henna to release.
  4. Working with one section at a time, start applying henna with a hair coloring brush right from the roots to the ends.
  5. Roll this section around your finger into a little curl and stick it to your head.
  6. Once you’re done with applying henna to all the sections, apply the rest of the henna all over your head and work it in with your hands for complete coverage.
  7. Put on a shower cap.
  8. You can leave in the henna for anywhere between 2 hours and overnight.
  9. Rinse off the henna with just water. Do not use shampoo or conditioner.

Step 2: Applying Indigo

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5 reviews for Indigo Powder For Hair Natural Black Dye | Anti-Dandruff & Hair Growth

  1. Mohit Mishra

    Absolutely loved it. I highly recommend it to all.

  2. Ishan

    Firstly it’s worth the money I spent. I find it pretty effective for me and I like the product as well.

  3. Himi Tandan

    This product is really good and we will get good results as they mentioned in description. We liked it and recommended.

  4. Pradeep Pandey

    It is an amazing product for colouring hair naturally. A lot of thanks❤ to the manufacturer for bringing such an amazing product

  5. Neha

    Quality & colour are exactly what I was looking for.

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