Guava Leaves Psidium Guajava


  • Guava leaves act as a strong and deep conditioner.
  • Guava leaves can even be made into a paste at home for brushing the teeth and gums,act as a natural mouth freshener
  • This should be done daily until the skin is clear.
  • Guava leaves help in promoting healthy hair growth.
  • Comes in a re-usable stand up zipper pouch for convenient storage.

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The Dry Leaves of Guava Can Be Brewed To Make Magiacal Tea As The Leaves Are Power Houseof Anti-Oxidants Like Vitamin C and Flavonoids Such As Quercetin. Guava is actually a super fruit because of its numerous health-promoting qualities. Along with the fruit, the bark and leaves of guava trees also provide numerous health benefits. Guava has a high content of vitamins C and A. In fact, one guava fruit contains 4 times more vitamin C than an average-size orange and 10 times more vitamin A than a lemon. It also contains vitamins B2, E and K, fiber, calcium, copper, folate, iron, manganese, phosphorus and potassium.

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