Dry Tesu k Phool | Palash | Dhak Ka Phool | Butea Monosperma

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  • Flowers of Palash (Tesu ke phool) were used in ancient India in beauty care recipes to improve complexion
  • The flowers are soaked overnight in water and can also be boiled to obtain a fragrant yellowish – orange colored water.
  • Legend says that Lord Krishna used to play Holi with Tesu flowers, and the flowers also have a lot of medicinal properties.
  • Tesu blooms during month of March.
  • The Flame of the Forest (Butea monosperma), known as Tesu, Palash or Dhak in vernacular languages is the best Organic Color for playing Holi

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The flame of the forest (Butea monosperma), known as tesu, palash or dhak in vernacular languages is the best organic color for playing holi.

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5 reviews for Dry Tesu k Phool | Palash | Dhak Ka Phool | Butea Monosperma

  1. Shandhya

    very good quality product. packaging and delivery was excellent.

  2. Priyanka Chiluka

    Amazing product, great and original. And very genuine product by Jioo Organics. Must buy and I recommend everyone to buy it.

  3. RS

    Awesome quality product thanks for jioo Organics.

  4. Nay Hubb

    product quality is good

  5. Dharit Shah

    I m fully satisfied with this product very good product

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