Basil / Sabja / Tukmaria Ke Beej


  • Can be Helpful in Reducing Body Heat, In some Asian countries like Thailand, sabja seeds are used to make a drink along with water, sugar, honey and sometimes coconut milk. It is a great drink to sip on to beat the scorching summer heat. They are one of the best body coolants. They are known to lower your body heat, which is why people often add them to refreshing drinks like nimbu paani, sherbets or milkshakes.
  • Can be Helpful in Relieving Constipation and Bloating Sabja seeds are known to naturally detox your body and regulate smooth bowel movements. What really works is having a glass of milk with some sabja seeds before going to bed for a couple of days. It acts as a stomach cleanser. They contain volatile oils that help in relieving gas from the gastrointestinal tract and aids in digestion.
  • It Can also be used for garnishing purposes and as a spice in different recipes.
  • Can be Helpful in Treating Acidity and Heartburn Sabja seeds can soothe stomach burn and because of their diuretic functions which flush out the toxins from your body.

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Basil lends a distinctive taste to salads, pizza, and pasta dishes. Use small seeds Add seeds to dishes just before serving for greatest taste and aroma. Basil plants are exceedingly sensitive to cold, start basil seeds indoors or plant basil outside after all danger of frost has passed.

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