Babool Gond Edible Gum Gum Arabic Babool Gond Laddu Gond Gaund

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  • Keep Bodies Warm During Winter Season
  • Babool Gum Can be Very Good For Arthritis
  • The Gond Ladoo Are Delicious And Very Good For Overall Health.
  • Very Effective.

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Other Name: Acacia arabica Gum, Acacia arabica, Vachellia nilotica, Acacia nilotica, gum arabic tree, Babul Kikar, Egyptian thorn, Sant tree, Al-sant, prickly acacia, thorn mimosa, prickly acacia.

  • Various parts of herbs used.
  • Store in Dark, cool place away from moisture and direct sunlight.
  • Very Effective , Full Value for money

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5 reviews for Babool Gond Edible Gum Gum Arabic Babool Gond Laddu Gond Gaund

  1. Arvid Kumar

    Very useful product especially for bones in winter season. Dissolves easily in water/milk. Does not leave any residue in the utensil.

  2. Manish

    Nice packing and real babul gond ..test good

  3. Kumar Satyam

    It is Natural n very effective in cleaning teath. I m so happy with my gums and satisfied with this product

  4. Pushpika

    This product is being used by me for preparing ladoos. I find it very delicious and healthy.

  5. Murshid

    It looks so pure and clean. I liked the quality of the product very much.

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