Asia Hybrid Green Capsicum Seeds For Kitchen Garden

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  • SEED TYPE: Non-Hybrid, Pure, GMO proof, Open Pollinated, and Heirloom (with An Unadulterated Genetic Heritage) Seeds. Tested for Germination
  • Plant: strong and vigorous. Fruit shape: very attractive, 3 – 4 lobed, blocky. Fruit colour: shinning dark green turning red at maturity. Fruit size: 110 – 130 gms
  • Specification: firm skin makes it suitable for distant transportation, fruits bears from top to bottom of plant, very heavy yielder. Maturity: 70-75 days after transplanting
  • Sowing time: nov to Jan (plains) March to may (hills). Sowing disatance: line to line 1. 5ft plant to plant 1. 5ft
  • Easy To Grow – Can Be Grown In Indian Climate/Weather Conditions.Do Not Use For Food, Feed, Or Oil Purposes,Seeds Are Only For Agriculture And Plantation Purpose
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GREEN CAPSICUM SEEDS(also know as Bell Pepper, Sweet Pepper) – It’s a highly flavorful vegetable with variants in red and yellow colors. The vegetable is also known to have medicinal value and formed a primary food ingredient in the Americas.

The Capsicum belongs to the genus of flowering plants in the nightshade family Solanaceae.

Capsicum is very rich in nutrients and contains a amount of Vitamin A and C. Along with essential nutrients, it also provides a healthy dosage of proteins, plant fats, and carotenoids. It also contains provitamins such as B1, B2, and B3, P, and E.

At Jioo Organics, we provide pure, non-GMO seeds of Capsicum that you can easily grow in your kitchen gardens. So start today and add this healthy vegetable to your gardens.

SOWING TIME: November – January (Plains) March-May (Hills).
SOWING DISTANCE: Line to Line 1. 5′ Plant to Plant 1. 5′.
SEED TYPE: Non-Hybrid, Pure, GM.

5 reviews for Asia Hybrid Green Capsicum Seeds For Kitchen Garden

  1. Avni

    Didnt use any special fertilizer or anything. Just mixed regular soil and dried cow dung,, will be ordering more. .

  2. Neena Gaba

    Good Quality Seeds, coz it takes 7days to germinate my plant from seeds

  3. Shilpa Gupta

    Healthy plants. Quick growth. Very satisfied.

  4. San

    I Am really happy thanks for Jioo Organics

  5. Jaya

    It’s a good buy and totally satisfied with the purchase.

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