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  • Alum Is A White Crystalline Chemical Which Is Widely Used In Several Chemical Laboratories, Pharmaceutical Companies As Well As Other Chemical Industries For Performing Various Reactions, Testing, Compound Formation
  • Alum Also Is Used As A Very Trusted And Reliable Disinfectant
  • Hence Is Also Used For Treatment of Water For Making It Safe To Drink And Use For Other Purposes
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Alum powder, found in the spice section of many grocery stores, may be used in pickling recipes as a preservative to maintain fruit and vegetable crispness. Alum is used as the acidic component of some commercial baking powders.

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5 reviews for Alum Powder – Pack of 2

  1. Nimain Rout

    very effective for skin!

  2. Lokendrajit

    The quality is good thanks for Jioo Organics

  3. P

    Packing looks good. I will share review once I will start to use it.

  4. Piyush Sushil

    Using this alum powder diluted in water as mouth wash. It has improved teeth strength and overall health of gums. Excellant product.

  5. Subhendu Biswas

    Very good n pure quality. Satisfaction guaranteed. Value for money. Happy with my purchase.

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