Puja Supari | Whole Areca Nut | Betel Nut| Satta Supari


  • ✔Color Available In Gold.|| Size : 100 gram ||
  • ✔ Often used as a mouth freshener, as a digestive and as a refreshing additive to the traditional Paan.
  • ✔Regular chewing of the betel nut has been linked to cancer of the mouth and esophagus, oral submucous fibrosis, and tooth decay. … Reducing risk factors such as those presented by betel nut chewing is important for public health around the globe.
  • ✔People who chew betel nut tend to produce saliva in large amounts which help them with dry mouth caused by diabetes and other health conditions. Chew on a couple of betel nuts when you get a dry mouth.
  • Betel nuts have been in use for many years as a medication to treat anemia in pregnant women. They are good in making up for severe iron deficiency and low blood sugar levels. Regular, however moderate, use of betel nut can help fight iron deficiency.

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Betel nut is a combination of three ingredients. People roll small pieces of the nut from Areca catechu, more commonly called betel palm

  • In this there are small pieces of betel nuts
  • Good for eatin and for other purpose like for pooja ritual

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