Kamal Gatta Lotus Seeds for Puja


  • 100% genuine and handpicked Kamal Gatta.
  • Kamal Gatta is the most beloved thing of Lakshmi..
  • Goddess Lakshmi followers should regularly offer Kamal Gatta to goddess Lakshmi..
  • Jioo Organics provides its customers 100% genuine and authentic products.
  • Specialty: No Artificial Colors, Fresh & Pure

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  • Mata Lakshmi is also called ‘Kamalvaasini’ – i.e one who sits on a lotus.. Lotus seeds is the most common thing for Lakshmi puja…
  • As written in texts as well as told by priests Mata Lakshmi puja is incomplete without kamal Gatta.
  • Kamal Gatta should be offered to goddess Lakshmi in hawan that is used during Lakshmi puja..
  • This brings wealth and prosperity in the house…
  • A mala made from these kamal gata seeds known as kamal gata mala is used for Japa of goddess Lakshmi

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