Hybrid Green Capsicum Seeds


  • SEED TYPE: Non-Hybrid, Pure, GMO proof, Open Pollinated, and Heirloom (with An Unadulterated Genetic Heritage) Seeds. Tested for Germination
  • Plant: strong and vigorous. Fruit shape: very attractive, 3 – 4 lobed, blocky. Fruit colour: shinning dark green turning red at maturity. Fruit size: 110 – 130 gms
  • Specification: firm skin makes it suitable for distant transportation, fruits bears from top to bottom of plant, very heavy yielder. Maturity: 70-75 days after transplanting
  • Sowing time: nov to Jan (plains) March to may (hills). Sowing disatance: line to line 1. 5ft plant to plant 1. 5ft
  • Easy To Grow – Can Be Grown In Indian Climate/Weather Conditions.Do Not Use For Food, Feed, Or Oil Purposes,Seeds Are Only For Agriculture And Plantation Purpose

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GREEN CAPSICUM SEEDS(also know as Bell Pepper, Sweet Pepper) – It’s a highly flavorful vegetable with variants in red and yellow colors. The vegetable is also known to have medicinal value and formed a primary food ingredient in the Americas.

The Capsicum belongs to the genus of flowering plants in the nightshade family Solanaceae.

Capsicum is very rich in nutrients and contains a amount of Vitamin A and C. Along with essential nutrients, it also provides a healthy dosage of proteins, plant fats, and carotenoids. It also contains provitamins such as B1, B2, and B3, P, and E.

At Jioo Organics, we provide pure, non-GMO seeds of Capsicum that you can easily grow in your kitchen gardens. So start today and add this healthy vegetable to your gardens.

SOWING TIME: November – January (Plains) March-May (Hills).
SOWING DISTANCE: Line to Line 1. 5′ Plant to Plant 1. 5′.
SEED TYPE: Non-Hybrid, Pure, GM.


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