Drawstring Natural Unbleached Cotton Nut Milk Bag | Reusable & Washable


  • BETTER THAN NYLON – way better this nut milk bag makes it so easy to strain your milk. Squeeze away and don’t worry about busting a seam. Results are silky smooth and delicious and super easy to clean up after too
  • WORKS LIKE A CHARM Not just great for homemade vegan milks like almond, coconut, and pistachio (SO yummy) but use this workhorse for juicing, teas, big batch cold brew coffee, yogurt, making cauliflower rice and so much more It evens holds up to boiling because it is unbleached cotton and won’t melt. Large and reusable
  • 12″X12″ LARGE and MULTI-FUNCTIONAL! Our bags are bigger and better, and can be used for MANY THINGS! Make the finest quality nut milk of course, then try our bags for cold brew coffee, filtering pulp from juice, straining soup broth / stock, making homemade cheese, yoghurt, ghee, custard, tofu, kefir, tea, kombucha and more! Now you can make all the best vegan friendly milks and drinks you can imagine! You can even make homemade ketchup and scent or flavor-infused oils!
  • A high-quality Nut Milk bag with drawstrings. Made of 100% natural, unbleached cotton.
  • Can be used to make Cold-brew Coffees or Infusions of any kind.

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We have these great features 1) Made of UNBLEACHED cotton, better for your food and the environment. 2) Durable no seam bottom so it won’t burst. 3) Easy to care for. Wash in the sink and air dry or machine wash. Cotton is heat resistant and holds up to long boils. We offer a truly eco-friendly product that is chemical-free. It’s not just great for making your own vegan milk, it’s also a durable, good quality

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