Brass Handle Tailoring Scissors Combo – pack of 2


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  • The Combo of long, sharp blades cut at an angle which makes them much more effective than ordinary scissors. One of the blades is rounded to prevent snagging and the other is pointed which makes accurate snipping a cinch. Approx. length is 10 Inches.
  • Brass Handle with HQ Grinded Carbon Steel blades. Unlike most other scissors, these scissors can be repaired and reused many a times. Regrinding of blades can be done.
  • Ultra long-lasting life. Ideal for Dressmakers, Tailors, handloom industries and for domestic purposes.
  • Great dressmaking scissor. Made of High Carbon Stainless Steel.
  • Ergonomic Design. Ease pressure on fingers and hands.
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Jioo Organics Professional Brass Handle Tailoring Scissors Combo Size 10″ Inchi + 9 Inchi

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Made of good quality Stainless steel This kind of scissors is practical and durable; Especially for Tailoring use Beautiful appearance (please refer product pictures), even hardness and sharp blades Comparing with other tailoring scissors, this model is lightweight and easy to use.

Meerut Scissors are made of metal used by the micro-level industrial units run by a community in Meerut, North India. The community has been making the product for more than three centuries. Meerut Scissors are particularly used for garment making, haircutting, and other domestic uses. All parts of the scissors are pre-used in some other form. For e.g. the handles and the finger holes are made of Brass and the blades are made from carbon steel sourced from metal salvaged out of old railway rolling stocks, automobiles, etc. The first such scissors were made some 360 years ago. Unlike most other scissors, these scissors can be repaired and reused many times. An idiom popular around Meerut refers to the quality and re-usability of these instruments as a testimony (“bought by the grandfather,(still) used by the grandson”). This product is a fine piece of handcrafted Tailor Scissor, for rest please refer Key Product Features.

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