Boric Acid | 100% Pure for Killing Cockroahes


  • Hundreds of Household Uses: Boric Acid is a non-toxic white powder, which can be stored safely around the house. Its hundreds of uses start inside the home and stretch to the outdoors. Popular uses include: surface cleaners, eye washes, and dishwasher detergent.
  • Boric acid is considered one of the most effective and natural way to get rid of those pesky pests in your home and it is used to kill cockroaches, ants, fleas, termites, silverfish, beetles, wood borers, and other parasites.
  • Safe and Superior: Boric Acid is 100% pure with no additional fillers, contaminants, or other added chemicals. We work directly with suppliers in the INDIA to ensure a high quality product that is safe for indoor, outdoor, and human use. Boric Acid Powder also makes sure you have enough powder for all of your daily needs.

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Boric Acid

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