Black Sesame Seeds


  • This is a vegetarian product
  • Excellent source of minerals, especially magnesium and copper sesame seeds phytosterols lowers. Cholestrol significantly
  • Sesame seed features delicate nutty flavour
  • Their flavour indeed become more pronounced once they get gently toasted under low flame

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The black sesame seed is one of the oldest condiments known to man. Black sesame seeds have a very intense flavour of aroma.these seeds are also the preferred variety for medicinal use.they are rich in fibre and phytochemicals .they contains vitamin and minerals as well as being very rich in calcium .they contain vitamins and minerals, making them beneficial for the liver.has anti-diabetic properties,lower depression,stabilises blood sugar, rich source of omega3.100 g of seeds carry 573 calories.these seeds are especially rich in mono saturated fatty acids,oleic acid which comprises of up to 50% of fatty acids in them. Oleic acid lowers ldlor cholestrol and incresaa hdl or good cholestrol in the blood.treatment of anxiety, rich in powerful antioxidants,skin detoxifier.can give protection from radiation damage,bone health.

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