Black Chickpea Flour Atta


  • This is a Vegetarian product Chickpea flour is full of vitamins and minerals this gluten-free flour is your savory best friend
  • Premium quality, Whole Chickpeas Chickpeas have been a part of certain traditional diets They’re still one of the most widely grown and consumed legumes worldwide and, over the years
  • Chickpeas are a rich source of protein, minerals and carbs They even contain some of the powerful antioxidant mineral Chickpeas are rich in total and soluble fiber as well as in resistant starch, all of which contribute
  • Chickpea flour has a form of complex carbohydrate called starch that the body is able to slowly digest and use for energy over time in a much more beneficial way than consuming refined carbohydrates Chickpea flour is also a good source oof protein, which helps make you feel full and often curbs food cravings
  • Full of Calcium, Vitamins and Proteins.All Natural Ingredients, No artificial colours added Jioo organics natural products are pure as All ayurvedic naturals non factory non toxic and non additive products

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Chickpeas’ is believed to be one of the earliest cultivated legumes. It is a small, hard, knobby, beige-coloured bean with a diameter of less than a centimetre It looks kind of like a wrinkled hazelnut. Its nutty and creamy flavour, firm texture and minimal fat make it a versatile ingredient The desi varieties of chickpeas are small, angular seeds, which may be yellow, green, light brown or even black in colour Chickpea flour can be used as a binding ingredient in fritters and veggie burgers, as a thickener for sauces, soups and stews, for making flatbreads and batter-based foods like pancakes and waffles, and to make batters for deep-frying other foods

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